I love Florida. There is someone from everywhere and something for everyone, as evidenced by these stories from Miami.

If you haven’t heard, people in south Florida are under a “falling iguanas” warning. Iguanas are freezing in the Sunshine state and literally falling out of trees, potentially causing injury to some citizens and a profit for others.

First, falling frozen iguanas are really a thing so look up and stay vigilant. Second, in Central America iguanas are a delicacy which explains why you may see people trying to sell them online. Third, I’m not here to lecture you on buying or selling iguana meat on the internet, I’m here to save your life in case you think that might be a good idea.

NPR reported that back in 2018 that a man went to Key Biscayne to pick up frozen iguanas to stock his freezer. He loaded them into his vehicle, and when the vehicle warmed up, well those iguanas started coming back to life and caused and weren’t pleased with their situation and started trashing around, causing an accident.

Bottom line: those iguanas probably aren’t dead, they’ll thaw out and could attack.