Social Media Marketing

Social media generates buzz about your company and is an affordable channel to get your message out to a large, targeted audience. Social Media continues to gain in popularity. Having a social presence online is especially effective in gaining referral business and customers through word of mouth. Internet users love to express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction with companies and their products or services. We manage company’s reputation and research appropriate social media marketing opportunities for you, including, but not limited to, the following:

facebook business page

  • Set up of page
  • Content creation, posting, editing and management
  • Facebook ads
  • Analytic tools/insights
  • Increase likes and shares

Twitter For Business

  • Set up of page
  • Content creation, posting, editing and management
  • Twitter ads
  • Web marketing tools
  • Increase followers using follower tools

Google My Business Page

  • Set up of page
  • Content creation, posting, editing and management
  • Google adwords campaigns
  • Google analytics
  • Join groups, increase followers and circles, and build relationships

Linkedin Company Page

  • Set up of page
  • Content creation, posting, editing and management
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Analytic tools/insights
  • Join groups, increase connections, and build relationships

Pinterest Business Page

  • Set up of page
  • Content creation, posting, editing and management
  • Promoted Pins
  • Analytic tools/insights
  • Join group boards, increase followers, and build relationships


  • ✓ Unique social content that matches your business’s branding & voice
  • ✓ Full service social media management services
  • ✓ Social media marketing analytics and performance reporting
  • ✓ Custom-built Facebook page with cover and profile image
  • ✓ Custom-built Twitter profile with background and profile image
  • ✓ Assigned content manager to build social media strategy
  • ✓ White labeled Facebook promotional campaigns


With our knowledgeable staff, we can handle just about any social media marketing content or management request. Click ‘Get Started Today’ below to set-up a discussion with one of our knowledgeable marketing consultants!

Content Development

Social media has always been about sharing engaging content and moving people to spread it. However, you need to have engaging content in the first place before you can share it. Our dedicated team is able to do just that. They are dedicated to producing compelling content, whether it’s press releases or blog posts, on a regular basis.

Social media marketing starts with great content that is worth sharing. At SocialEyes, we offer to write high quality posts as part of our social media marketing that not only reflect your brand’s product and service offering, but also reflect your company’s culture. Content is customized to appeal to specific audiences, which further creates engagement among your target audiences on sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Facebook.

To keep your brand’s voice consistent, we develop a calendar to help us space out your content throughout the day and week while keeping engagement high at all times. This calendar also helps us to determine what content is lacking and make informed decisions based on these findings. By use of social media management software, we are also able to schedule your tweets and posts when they are most likely to be seen by followers in order to garner a larger number of likes, retweets and +1s.

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