Craft beer isn’t just for normal people like you and I. No, no. Some of today’s biggest celebs like to enjoy a pint or two on occasion. Though we hear modern celebs singing about cognac and whiskey more often than anything else, beer holds a special place in these celebrities’ hearts.

Barack Obama

Arguably one of the most famous people in the country, President Obama is a huge beer fan. So much so, in fact, that he bought a home brew kit for the White House’s kitchen. At the request of Obama, the staff brewed the first alcohol brewed or distilled on the White House grounds: White House Honey Ale. The whole thing makes us pretty damn patriotic.



Will Ferrell

If hosting your own beer festival doesn’t mean you’re a craft beer fan, then we don’t know what does. Will Ferrell has hosted pub crawls as well as beer fests in San Diego in support of cancer charities. We gather he’s an IPA fan, since a limited-edition Will Ferrell IPA was offered at his pub crawl.



Neil Patrick Harris

Though he’s now known as the face of Heineken, the word around the block is that Neil Patrick Harris has a taste for craft beer. Bloomberg noted that Neil asked for a tallboy of Heady Topper (by The Alchemist Brewery) every hour at The Emmys while he was hosting. We’re happy to hear he has good taste.



Kat Dennings

As if she wasn’t perfect enough, Kat Dennings posted a picture of herself downing a bottle of Arrogant Bastard on Instagram. But that’s not where her beer drinking stops. The Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist star more recently posted a picture of a beautiful Belgian peach lambic from Lindemans Brewery, proving she has taste and isn’t afraid to explore different beer flavors. Will you marry us, Kat?






Stone Cold Steve Austin

It’s no secret that former WWE pro wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a beer drinker. His Beer Bashes in the ring are legendary. Out of the ring, Steve Austin has really proven his love a good brew by teaming up with local brewery El Segundo to make Broken Skull IPA. No surprise that this one has big flavor.



Aisha Tyler

Archer star, co-host of Who’s Line is it Anyway?, and co-host of The Talk also brews her own beer with her husband. Growing up in San Francisco, Aisha has a soft spot for Anchor Brewing and has even brewed at Stone Brewing. Yeah, she’s pretty awesome.



Tom Green

Actor and comedian Tom Green is another notable beer lover. He (rightly) took advantage of his celebrity status to create his own namesake beer with an established brewery: The Tom Green Beer. Beau’s and Tom worked together to create Tom’s mildly sweet and creamy milk stout.