Website Design & Development


You talk and we listen. Then we put our heads together and collaborate. It's time to make you feel comfortable, encourage you to share your ideas and help mold them in the most creative and effective website concept possible.

Plan. Proof. Strategize.

We secure the content architecture, wireframe, illustrate out some ideas, wrangle approaches, then make a plan for internet domination!

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Design. Develop. Inspect.

We design masterful concepts and review them with you. You are instantly pleased and we start constructing, or you have an epiphany and we take your input and revise, recreate, develop. It all ends with three words: Inspect, Inspect, Inspect.


Launch Time!

We launch your website. You may be a little anxious, but we’ve dotted all of our i's and crossed all our t's and your website is ready for the world to see. It's time to for you to celebrate but we'll keep up the work!

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Spread the Word.

Just because your site went live doesn’t mean the party is over. We work with you to develop and implement a targeted marketing plan that including: social media marketing and search engine marketing.

Monitor & Assess

Your website has broke ground. Awesome! So what's next? We work with you to monitor your search engine marketing ambitions, maintain your website and conduct ongoing marketing, design and development projects.

Web Development Services

  • ✓ Custom website design
  • ✓ Up to 6 web pages
  • ✓ Mobile optimized site
  • ✓ Professional images
  • ✓ Custom professional logo
  • ✓ Facebook business page
  • ✓ Contact/Lead form
  • ✓ 6 months of web FREE hosting
    ($9.95 a month thereafter)
  • ✓ Free .com Domain or Transfer
  • ✓ Unlimited email accounts
  • ✓ Competitor research
  • ✓ Reputation Management
  • ✓ Search engine submission

Mobile Development

Phone calls, web browsing, GPS, photography, news, Facebook, e-commerce and more are happening every day with the devices people keep in their pocket. The mobile phone is always within reach and is now more versatile than many computers. SocialEyes’s mobile app development division employs certified Apple developers. Members of our team have been developing mobile applications for Windows and Blackberry devices since 2002. We offer a variety of mobile app development services to suit the needs of our clients in the ever changing mobile scene.

iPhone / iPad Development

Providing your customers an iPhone application for your website, product or service is a awesome way to market and engage with them and also reach prospects within their social networks. A mobile app provides them access to use your services wherever they are, even if they don’t have internet or wireless access. SocialEyes™ creates intuitive interfaces and beautiful applications using the Apple platform.

Android Application Development

The Google Android platform is growing extremely fast and is available on most of the networks and carriers. Despite Android’s popularity the Android “app” market is still smaller than iPhone and iPad. This is why our mobile app development team typically develop applications for the iPhone/iPad first and then follows that up with a version designed for Android.

Windows Mobile Development

The Windows phone market has been overshadowed by Apple and Google in the past, but the Microsoft mobile platform is still growing and thriving, including the recent launch of Windows 8 OS. The Windows Mobile operating system can be run on many different devices, not just smartphones. The Windows Mobile operating system is great for business apps and crossing over from different devices.

Mobile Formatted Web Pages

Even though mobile devices and phones have web browsers it doesn’t mean your website will look the way you want it on all of them. It is always beneficial to format web pages specifically for mobile devices. Facebook, YouTube and many other large online apps create custom web experiences for each variety of mobile device. This gives your customer who has a large monitor a different experience then a customer who is viewing it on a 3-inch screen. This creates an atmosphere where the mobile customer receives the same amazing website experience as they would if they were using their Desktop or Laptop computer.

Mobile Application Development Services

SocialEyes has experience in many mobile web and application development services, including the providing following:

  • ✓ Mobile marketing plans and strategic consulting services
  • ✓ Mobile-optimized versions of websites, creating either “mobile first” or responsive design interfaces
  • ✓ Mobile web applications which provide powerful capabilities to hand-held devices through a browser
  • ✓ Native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices


Mobile Development Technologies

SocialEyes’ mobile development practice incorporates the following technologies:

  • ✓ HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript
  • ✓ jQuery Mobile
  • ✓ PhoneGap
  • ✓ Sencha
  • ✓ Android development
  • ✓ iOS development
  • ✓ Web-based mobile development
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