we would love for you to take this test and see if it helps you. Please remember this is only a test for fun

amsler grid small image

Awareness is the first line of defense against macular degeneration (AMD). This simple vision test will hopefully alert you to any changes that may reveal a problem with macular degeneration or possibly your condition getting worse. The Amsler Grid is the common name for this test.

Like graph paper, the Amsler Grid has lines which form a square grid. Some versions of the grid have white lines on a dark background. You can download a copy for printing here. [sdm_download id=”835″ fancy=”0″]

One of the first signs of macular degeneration may be wavy, broken or distorted lines OR a blurred or missing area of the chart. The Amsler Grid can help you spot these early. Early detection of wet AMD is critical because laser treatment, when indicated, is most successful when performed before damage occurs. Since dry AMD can lead to development of wet AMD, most patients should use the Amsler Grid. Check with your eye doctor to find out how often you should use this test.

Here’s how to use the graph below:

  1. Wear your reading glasses, if you normally use them and sit about 14 inches away from the screen.
  2. Cover the left eye.
  3. With the right eye, focus on the dark dot in the center of the grid. While looking at this dot, you still should be aware of the lines of the grid. Notice if any of the lines are distorted or broken or if there are blurred areas.
  4. Now, cover the right eye and repeat the test.
  5. If you notice any blurred, wavy or missing lines, contact your Eye Care Professional as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: This test is in no way intended to diagnose or treat any ocular condition, disease or vision problem. The Amsler Grid Test is merely a tool for you to self monitor changes in your vision. iHeartSocial™ or any of it’s clients are in no way responsible for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical related issues that you may have.